Interior Design Accent Wall Texture

All About Interior Design Statement Walls And Floors

Step up your interior design and create that “wow” factor with statement walls and flooring. Statement walls are a well-known interior design feature, but statement flooring is also a luxury interior design feature that often gets overlooked. Both leave a lasting impression and can be achieved with different colors or textures.

Statement Accent Walls

Of course, you can create an accent wall with a single color such as a dark shade or pop of color to stand out. But there are many other ways to create an accent wall and with various textures.

To get that elegant look, create an accent wall full of mirrors. Not with just one or two mirrors, but an entire wall with mirrors in different sizes and shapes. This is great for a powder room and if the mirrors have the right metal borders and you add in the right unique lighting, the mirrors will glimmer galore.

Interior Design Statement Accent WallAnother option is to add an accent wall full of stone for a dramatic effect. A stone wall pairs well with distressed wood floors. A more versatile option is to go with wood paneling on an accent wall, which gives off a rugged and rustic antique look. If you have beautiful scenic views such as a garden outside of your home, you could go with an accent wall covered in different size windows.

To add a little character to a space or to surround a fireplace in your home, go with traditional brick for an accent wall. In a kitchen or bathroom, tile or backsplash as an entire accent wall or just covering a portion of the wall adds beautiful designs to the interior design of the room.


Statement Accent Floors

Accent flooring is a unique feature that can elevate a home’s interior design with easy-to-clean and user-friendly materials. It’s the same idea we see with accent walls. Accent flooring can be the focal point of the room depending on the material and design used.

From stripes to different shapes or just a subtle pop of color, there are endless design options for accent flooring. The herringbone and chevron patterns are popular and are great for living rooms and entryways as they exude sophistication.

As for materials, some various stains and finishes add elegant and timeless looks. For tile options, you can choose from porcelain, ceramic, or even natural stone. The best part is that all are low maintenance. Laminate or vinyl can look like hardwood or tile without the price tag, plus they are durable and easy to maintain.

Helpful Tip

A helpful tip when it comes to accent flooring: balance! When adding accent flooring to your interior design, use minimal décor and furniture. However, it is sometimes best to complement accent flooring with area rugs to add extra texture and warmth.

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