Luxurious Bathroom

Your Environment and Your Wellness

In 2016, the environment in which you live, work and function has played a significant part in your overall wellness. Many of you that have had interaction with my design team or me know that “we believe that a well- designed space has everything to do with the way you think, feel and function.” And we have been sharing this with our clients for years!

Now, we are not just seeing this at home and in the office, but also in our hotel accommodations. Large hotel chains are working toward creating a better travel and hospitality experience for you when you are away from home, either it be for business or leisure. Furnishings that have cleaner lines and warmer woods along with more luxurious flooring and hard amenities is no longer just a trend, but a goal for a positive stay. Guest rooms and meeting rooms are now often offering filtered air options. Plus, menus have changed adding healthier food options and many exercise areas have updated equipment. All for a healthier stay!

Luxurious Bathroom

Design has always been important in the accommodations arena but now more than ever we understand what I have been saying all along, “your space directly affects the way you think feel and function.” If your space needs work, contact our Scottsdale interior design team through our website at or give us a call at 480-921-4224.


Written by Athena Vigil, Interior Design Director, CEO at Interiors Remembered.