Add Mid-Century Modern Interior Design to Your Home with These Colors

Add Mid-Century Modern Interior Design to Your Home with These Colors

Looking to change up your home by adding a twist of mid-century modern interior design? This can easily be done by adding a certain color to your home’s décor. We have selected some of our favorite mid-century modern colors that are earthy and cheery hues that will add personality to any room.

Modern Blues

These shades of blue will be sure to add a touch of mid-century modern feel to your interior design whether you are using the color to paint a bedroom wall or getting the color in a living room sofa. For more immense blues, cosmic blues like sapphire blue come from the midcentury palette and look great in a glass vase or ideally in furniture. Think of a chair, sofa, or even bedding. Sapphire blues pair well with warm gold mid-toned wood and colors of leaf greens.

Cheerful Aquas

Aquamarine tones mix ideally with chrome and even whites. The blue color also mixes well with various textures such as suede and vinyl. Think about using this color in bedrooms and home offices. On to whimsical turquoise, turquoise is a very authentic mid-century modern paint color. It is a great color to paint on an accent wall in a living room or a kitchen. The blue color is also ideal for accessories throughout the home in any room. It gives off the classic Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol pop-art sentiment.

Daring RedsMid-Century Modern Home Colors

Cinnamon reds and rust are daring hues that give that midcentury modern vibe. Cinnamon and bright reds look great on the sofa and other furniture, pairing well with neutrals or even black and white accents for a real authentic look. Rust red is a nice hue for an ultra-sophisticated room with dark wood and brass tones.

Bonus: Mid-Century Modern Office Colors

To create a space for concentration, but also full of optimism, such as a home office, combine the colors of avocado green and sunny orange.

Avocado green is a lush subdued green, excellent for the walls. Sunny orange is an optimistic color, fantastic for accessories and furniture, pairing well with neutrals and wood tones. This gives the home office just the right amount of colors.


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