Tranquil Interior Design Trends

Tranquil Interior Design Trends Inspired By World-Class Resorts

Interior Design Trends for Resorts

Resorts are known to inspire everlasting interior design trends. If you want to add a balance of harmony and peace to create a tranquil environment, these trends have been used at some of the best resorts worldwide. By integrating architecture, landscape, and design, you can create your calming sanctuary.

Add a Touch of Nature

Create a peaceful environment with the right touches of warmth by adding aspects of nature into your home’s interior design. This can be achieved by mixing in natural materials like wood and stone. Think about wood floors and other sustainable, yet high-quality surfaces like stone table tops, all made from natural resources. Remember these organic materials look best when they come in their natural colors, so stick to those natural creams, beiges, and browns. Bringing nature indoors adds that much-needed soothing touch for a tranquil space. As for the furniture, stick to simple and clean. A calming space is always neat and clutter-free.

Tranquil Interior Design TrendsThe Power of Landscape

Even the landscape of your home can help create a peaceful environment. Just like the interior design of your home, you are aiming for simplicity. But a simple landscape doesn’t mean it is boring. For example, if you are looking to add a garden to use as a Zen garden, stick to native plants and colors of calmness. Also, honor existing plants and nature in the area to create a more serene environment, but make sure to avoid any clutter. With a garden, add stepping stones along the rocks to create a pathway for easy access to it. Another option is to add a water feature such as a koi pond. The faint sound of a water feature creates a peaceful environment as well.

Be Mindful of The Architecture

The architect and design play a large part in creating a harmonious space. For example, the lighting. This goes back to enhancing nature in your interior design. To create a restful and relaxed mood, aim to enhance natural lighting. This can be done with floor-to-ceiling windows to bring in maximum sunlight or create an arrangement of windows on a wall. Now back to the design part, if your home features a staircase, be mindful to turn it clockwise, especially if it is seen. And remember to keep all toilets hidden from view. To continue on the path of a peaceful and serene space, stick to a visual balance with minimal designs, creating comfort with clean, straight lines.


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