Color in interior design

The Impact of Color in Interior Design

Color can be used to express your mood among many things. It is something that is understood by all and can transmit a vibe to any room, especially when used along with the latest interior design trends.

Using the right color in interior design is important, but not only do you need to consider the right hue, but also the right shade. The saturation of the color can change the shade and that is also something to think about when using color in interior design.

Lighter colors are considered to by airy and can make rooms feel larger and even brighter. Darker colors are considered to be more refined and make rooms feel more intimate and warmer.

There are three different groups that colors can fall into and this will help make it easier when deciding what hues to use with your décor. Neutrals are black, gray, white and brown. These colors can establish a balance when using passive and active colors. Active colors are bright and can excite the mind along with boost creativity. Passive colors are cool and can calm the mind and help with mental focus.

The different colors that are used in interior design can really effect the environment and can either overstimulate or under stimulate your space. If you are looking to overstimulate your space, use highly saturated colors along with strong contrasts, maybe even throw in a mix of patterns. To achieve an under stimulate feel for your space, use weak colors along with a small amount of contrasting colors.

Color BathroomSince the shades and colors can really impact the atmosphere around you, think about the ambience you are wanting and this will help when choosing the right colors to use in your interior design plan.

When considering what colors to use in your bedroom, think of calming and relaxing colors like blues, greens and purples. Using neutral color walls and accents of these passive colors will give you that soft look. For a living room, use colors that are energizing and exciting like oranges, yellows and reds. These colors are also great to use for an entrance area as they are very welcoming and uplifting.

Keep in mind that cools tones are known to be relaxing and warm tones are known to be energizing. The colors you choose for you walls, floors and decor can make a profound influence on your life and the space you are in. This is why choosing the right colors are so critical in interior design.