2024 Interior Design Trends

Top 2024 Interior Design Trends

The new year is just around the corner, and it is time to plan what is in store with the 2024 interior design forecast trends from top professionals. From creating a happy home environment to adding stripes to your interior design, these trends will be around in the new year.

Dopamine Décor

Feel good in 2024 with dopamine décor. This type of décor usually focuses on using colorful, fun décor that is full of personality to spread happiness throughout your home. It’s really up to you when it comes to choosing decorative objects and objects that evoke cheer and joy. Think about places, people, and personal touches that make you happy and feel relaxed. Then, Incorporate these things throughout your home’s décor. Think about connecting with emotions and adding memories through your interior design with dopamine decor. We suggest going with neutral colors like beiges and using strong accents like bright and bold colors throughout your interior design to influence positive moods. You can still have a livable and gentle space with things bold decor sprinkled in. Keep in mind that textures and finishes play a part in impacting feelings so pay attention to materials and finishes.

Vintage Lamps

Vintage lamps and lighting in general are important to interior design trends, especially in 2024. And in the new year, vintage and antique lamps are the way to go. Unique lamps are a great way to add personality to your interior design. This can be done with floor or table lamps or even up above with overhead lamps. From industrial style or even French style, there’s a variety of options including finishes like gold and brass. There are a variety of different bases and shades to go with your niche of interior design. In 2024, overhead lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways are going to be ideal. Any type of options, from fancy and elegant, are going to be popular, it is easy to transform a space with just a switch.

Stripes In 2024

Patterns are always in, but different patterns rotate each year and trends come and go. This coming year, stripes are going to be it. This can be done with bedding, pillows, or wallpaper. Statement furniture pieces like a chair with stripes will add a bold statement in 2024 or you can go with artwork as a piece in your interior design. Which is another 2024 trend. This can be easily done to add personality to your home. Make sure to have fun with the stripes like with different colors, all depending on your style. You can always tailor your stripes with either pinstripes or bold stripes,  there are a variety of ways to add stripes to your home. Feel free to experiment with this trend in the new year.

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