Coming Home to a Well-Designed Abode: A Q & A with Client, Perri Hagen

In 1998 Perri Hagen, helicopter pilot and avid traveler, purchased a home in the Phoenix Valley IMG_0052 (1)after visiting his snowbird parent’s home for years. After purchasing his first home in Arizona, Perri quickly decided he needed to hire an Interior Designer and found Interiors Remembered. During a recent interview, Perri reflected on the many years he has utilized Athena Vigil and the Interiors Remembered team to transform and establish the well-designed comforts of his home.

IR: How did you find out about Interiors Remembered? What made you decide to hire Athena for design services?
Perri: I found Interiors Remembered through an ad in the Yellow Pages back in 1998. I was looking for an Interior Designer that could provide a “one stop shop” for all my needs including project management, budgeting, and the capacity to design to fit my style of living. I hired Athena Vigil and the Interiors Remembered team because they could provide all aspects of design including managing contractors, electricians, framing, installation, lighting, etc. I found that Athena didn’t push her own style on me – she worked hard to discover my aesthetics and designed accordingly to fit my taste.

IR: Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living?
Perri: I am a helicopter pilot and have flown for 30 plus years, logging 18,000 flight hours. I learned how to fly helicopters in the Army when I served 10 years in the military. The company I work with now travels all over the world providing heavy lift helicopter services.

IR: That’s interesting! What type of work do you provide as a heavy lift helicopter pilot?
Perri: We provide heavy lift services for forest fire-fighting, oil companies, construction, logging, etc. Just about anything that requires tandem rotors and heavy lifting capabilities.

IR: So you travel the world and are home sporadically, what does coming home mean to you?
Perri: It is important to me that my home is a pleasurable and comfortable space. I like to come home to a well-designed and professionally pulled together environment. Spending so much time away and traveling for work often feels chaotic and hectic and my house is my sanctuary from all of that.

IR: Tell us about a project you did with Athena and Interiors Remembered?
Perri: We have done several projects and 2 homes with Interiors Remembered over the years. Last year, I had Athena help us take two smaller bedrooms and make them into one larger bedroom. Athena and her team helped take down the adjoining walls and designed an incredible guest bedroom. Every guest that stays in the new room comments on how beautiful, comfortable, put-together and stylish the room is. Athena’s team designed every detail from the carpet, paint, bedding, lighting, and they also managed all of the contractors from framing to electrical work – they did absolutely everything! I am very proud of our guest bedroom and really enjoy having people stay with us.

IR: What has the experience of working with Athena and Interiors Remembered been like over the years?
Perri: Athena and her team know how to listen to your needs and translate your needs into actions. They also handle every detail of the process. Again, she doesn’t push her style, she finds yours and once she knows your style and colors she hits the ‘nail on the head.’ Her goal is to make you comfortable with your home and to capture your taste and style in a well-designed and put together space. Athena and her team are an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend their services with enthusiasm.