Premium Scottsdale Interior Design

Thinking about updating the interior design of your home? Or maybe you are building a new home and need some guidance on a brand new look. Either way, you want your home to look its best and to get that ultimate and luxurious Scottsdale style, you will need to work with an experienced interior design firm.

A premier interior design firm like Interiors Remembered will have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. From the very beginning of the process to the very end, our interior designers will be with you every step of the way. We will listen to your needs and help by planning, designing, prepping, remodeling and adding finish touches for the look you want.

Planning & Designing

Your interior designer will start planning right away and start looking for the latest trends to get the most stylish look for you. Interiors Remembered offers different design concepts like aging in place, concierge design and wellness living. We can also replicate your favorite high end looks. As kitchen and bath remodelers, we know how to add luxury to these areas. We even remodeled a bathroom with a design inspired by the famous Westin Resort in New York City. Working with an interior design firm can come with many perks, like knowing the right connections. At Interiors Remembered, we have connections with the best contractors and can help you put your vision into a reality with CAD drawings. At this stage of the process, we will be taking plenty of measurements, listening to your wants and getting everything in order for starting the big project.


Preparing for the interior design transformation does take some time. But we will help get your space properly ready for the transformation, as well as set a timeline and make sure that it is followed by being in constant communication with the crew. At this point in the project, we will make sure that all of contractors and the supplies are ready to go.


Want to spruce up your existing place? We can give you a new premier look by adding new elements and working with any size space. There are a few different options with remodeling. You can go the simple way and just rearrange or add furniture, along with adding lively decorations. Or you can completely restructure and add new designs to your space. Another option is using your place as a vacation home or a second home. Our concierge design approach will make sure that your luxurious property is fully furnished, pantry stocked with goods and will conduct any other services you need us to complete. We have custom and exclusive packages that will work best for you.

Finishing Touches

Once we have structured the area and added the furniture, we will make sure to add décor elements that compliment your area. Interior design is also about the décor and adding the right elements like color. We will also be in charge of cleaning up after and making sure everything is in place to reveal the stunning transformation.

At Interiors Remembered, we can help add premier Scottsdale interior design looks to any home and space. Contact us for a consult!