Find the Perfect Contractor

Tips to Find the Perfect Contractor for Your Interior Design Project

You just need some things to turn your interior design vision into reality. One is an interior design firm; the other is the perfect contractor. We have tips to help you find the perfect contractor that will work with your design team and help make the process of your interior design project as smooth as possible.

Where To Look To Find The Perfect Contractor

Of course, when working with Interiors Remembered, we are connected with the best of the best. We can provide a list of contractors in the area.

However, sometimes you might be looking for outside help and on the search yourself. Remember, when looking for a contractor, look for one that can complete the project on time and within your budget.

The perfect contractor will communicate any speed bumps in the project, such as delays in obtaining supplies. And in addition, they will work with the entire team to find a solution that works best for everyone involved to get back on track.

Where To Start

The perfect contractor will be local and accredited. This is the prime time to utilize the Internet and check for reputable contractors who are licensed, bonded, and insured. Also, look for contractors with an A plus rating with the BBB and, if any, have official complaints. This will help you narrow it down. Then, you can learn the process of the select few to find the right contractor for you.

You can call the office and see how long it takes them to reply. This will help give you an idea of how timely they will be. When you speak with them, ask about their consultation process and if there is a charge. Next, ask if there is a project development fee. The best contractors are busy and blind bidding is rare.

One of the most important questions to ask upfront is if the contractor is willing to meet the whole team. Because for a successful project, you will need all the key players in place. Learn more about all of the key players you will need and how to find the perfect contractor for your next interior design project in our video below.

Who To Ask To Find The Perfect Contractor

As mentioned above, interior design firms like Interiors Remembered have the skinny on the best contractors. We are always willing to guide you in the right direction, but at the end of the day, it is always your choice.

Referrals are always a go-to, even if it is not from us. Talk to others in the design industry, your friends, and your neighbors. Sometimes it is all who you know.

Find the Perfect Contractor

What To Listen For When On The Hunt For The Perfect Contractor

What really makes a contractor the perfect fit? First, can the contractor handle the size of your project? You want to make sure they have the resources and manpower to complete and take on the project in your desired time frame. Also, do they fit within your allotted budget?

Finally, how connected are they to others in the design industry, especially the team you are working with?

Remember…at Interiors Remembered, we have connections to help you find the perfect contractor. We are also discovering new builders and contractors in the area all the time. 

Looking for an interior design firm for your next interior design project?

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