Aging in Place with the Help of an Interior Designer

Rather than moving into a brand new home, baby boomers are looking to stay in their existing residence and work with top interior designers, architects and contractors to make some much needed upgrades. The focus of reconfiguring and updating your space should focus on accessibility, adaptability and safety.

Tie in the old and the new!

Instead of out with the old and in with the new, you can have the best of both worlds. From your favorite old designs to furnishings, you can keep your favorite pieces while adding new trends to the mix. You can still achieve an up to date look without getting rid of some of your favorite designs and furniture. A talented interior designer will know how to combine both looks for a luxurious home.

Changes to help us while we age

As we age, we need to make things a little easier on ourselves and may require extra assistance. You will want to incorporate these elements into the remodel of your home with the space and amenities to live comfortably, safe and healthy. The main focus areas are usually the bathrooms and kitchen. Of course, you will want to make sure you make large enough doorways and hallways to give you the space you need in case you ever do need a walker or wheelchair to help you get around. Also, an easy access bathtub or shower that still looks elegant and inviting is something that should be considered. It might be hard to grip certain handles, so also think about upgrading your doors and even kitchen cabinets to make them easy to open and close.

Convenience & Beauty

Just because you have to make some changes to your home, like adding an easy accessible bathtub or changing your cabinets, you can still achieve a beautifully designed home. A lot has changed when it comes to accessibility in your home and not only is it easier to add these things, but it is also possible to make it look good at the same time.


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