Spring Trends

We know the weather just recently turned chilly here in Arizona but spring will be back before we know it! In preparation for the season, we thought we’d share several spring trends that we’ve observed to get you planning ahead for the months to come. Whether you are thinking about a complete re-design of your domestic space or just a few new accents to highlight your favorite parts, here is the scoop to inspire you.

Pastel Colors: This spring, pastel colors are an absolute must, from dusty rose and sandstone to powdery blue. One trend that can help you keep your surroundings fresh is to incorporate textiles like blankets or throw pillows in a hip new pastel hue to your existing furnishings. Also, consider painting an accent wall to really liven up a room!

White Walls: One way to really make your home feel new is to paint your walls a bright white. This allows for an airy and open feel. It can also be the perfect way to highlight your furnishings and artwork!

Shag: Long locks of texture, also known as shag have been seen popping up in numerous designer collections for spring. Fringe can add small amounts of texture to warm a room, especially if it is decorated in a minimalist fashion. 

Black & Whites: If you want a polished pulled together look, black and white home accessories lend an air of authority and simplicity to any space. This spring, expect to see strong geometric shapes that help define space.

Whatever route you decide to go, it’s important to keep your house feeling like an extension of you and your family. Try incorporating one of the spring trends into your home to showcase your creativity and to keep your home feeling fresh and comfortable.