Let’s be different….unique design items to evoke interest

Hello again…… I would like to talk about materials for our spaces that are different and have interest.  Key Hole MirrorThere are so many things that get sent to our homes for us to look at in catalogs…room settings…seasonal ideas.  Many of these things have the same look and feel and are universally appealing to the general population.  Often times when making choices, people are not aware of the unique items that are available through their Interior Design Professional.  The buying power that an Interior Designer has far reaches what you see in the catalogs that are mailed to your home.  The item above is NEW for 2013 and can be  placed in many areas of a home.  It is unique and different and gives a sense of true style.  Why buy a regular rectangular mirror when you can add some interest with a unique mirror.  The above Key Hole Mirror is 36” w x 44.5” h.  Soooo, let’s be different!

Happy Summer!