Tale of a Tail: The Dogs and the Drapery Installer

We all love a story with heart and when we heard about Mike Davis, owner of Mike’s Drapery Installation, our go-to Drapery Installation guru, we just had to share. Mike recently recounted his sweet tale of a tail about his pet adoption story and here it is for your enjoyment:

One day, while listening to the Arizona Valley’s KOOL FM, Mike heard a heartwarming feature about their “KOOL Dog of the Week,” a short radio spot that promotes one homeless animal a week from the Maricopa Animal Shelter in attempt to connect listeners with adoptable pets. Mike hadn’t been considering a new dog but it felt like the world was bringing the dog to him. The tale described a sweet pup named “Diamond” whose original owners had passed away and rendered her homeless. She was an aging lab mix who had previously bore several litters of puppies and was in need of surgery and a safe space to be socialized into the big outside world.

Diamond and DozerThroughout the day, Mike kept thinking about the pup at the pound and the idea began to grow on him. He thought how his aging lab at home could use a good companion. Not a young puppy that would require tons of training and attention, but a middle-aged dog that just needed a lot of love. Mike called up a good friend and together they went to the shelter in search of the animal that had been featured on the radio. They found “Diamond,” a shy and timid lab at the ripe and tame age of 7. In fact, Mike’s friend also met a dog friend at the shelter she couldn’t resist. Their jaunt to the pound proved to find two fur-ever homes for orphaned pups.

After Mike took “Diamond” home to meet his other dog, “Dozer,” he found they got along famously. Like siblings and great friends, “Dozer” helped “Diamond” get over her shyness and together the pups keep each other in the best of company. They swim, they go on long walks, they play with toys, retrieve the paper for Mike, and when they tire themselves out, they snooze together.  “She’s such a sweet dog and I can’t imagine her not in my and “Dozer’s” life!”