Reestablish Your Style After a Move

Moving boxes in empty roomWhen downsizing or relocating to a new home, it can be the perfect time to reestablish your sense of style in your house. As a catalyst, the process of moving enables you to reevaluate your possessions to consider the design of your new space with intentionality. It also presents itself as the perfect moment to refresh your taste in interior furnishings. Oftentimes, our surroundings become dated or cluttered and by moving into a new space, a clean slate presents itself to create your dream home atmosphere. Geographical architecture can also impact your home style. For example, if you move from a Victorian house to a desert ranch style home, you will need to consider how your furniture and belongings will fit into your new space. There is typically a shift in decorating style dependent upon the harmony of architecture, age of the house, and your possessions.

The first step towards this process is to de-clutter your current belongings. To do so, evaluate items into categories of how they function in your world. Are they sentimental? Are they utilitarian? Try to discover the items that do not serve a specific purpose. It is important to make decisions and allow yourself to create space for new things to come into your life. It can be easier to depart with items during the packing process. Consider each thing and if it deserves to make the move with you.

Secondly, write out what you love about your current home. What do you want to see & feel when you walk into your home? This helps you to articulate what it is that you are drawn to in a home environment. Do you love making your kitchen the focal point of your house? What do you want to see when you first walk into the door? This process can aid greatly when setting up your new home. The physical and emotional flow of energy are impacted by your personal taste. By increasing your awareness of how you build a home, you are able to design and execute a space more oriented around your wants and needs.

Next, freshen up. Moving is a great time to seek out professional interior design advice. At Interiors Remembered, we’ve worked with numerous clients to create well-designed and comfortable homes. When looking to transform and reestablish a beautiful and content environment, a professional designer can aid the process of enhancing your new living space by redefining your personal style and bringing your aesthetic vision to fruition.

Moving presents itself as the perfect opportunity to achieve the home you’ve always wanted. Collect magazine images or create a Pinterest board to keep inspiration and other ideas for your house. If you hire a professional, having a collection of pictures of rooms you love can help your designer know what direction to move in to revamp your style. The expertise a professional interior designer offers can streamline the process of creating a new home that’s feels fresh and fits your desired sense of design and taste after downsizing or relocating.