Boost property value with interior design

How Interior Design Can Boost Property Value

From updating your landscape to adding solar panels, many people tend to focus on the exterior on the home to boost property value. But taking the interior of your home into consideration by remodeling and incorporating the latest interior design trends can also greatly boost your property value.

Certain aspects of interior design can affect property value more than others. Focus time, energy and finances on trends that add class and attract potential buyers. This is where hiring an interior designer comes in handy because they know what buyers are looking for and can turn visions into reality.

Some interior design trends never go out of style and you can always count on them to boost property value. Using elements that are warm and comforting are always encouraged when it comes to home improvement projects. Also, adding functional modifications along with good ambience and design elements always add value to your property with the right interior design.

Blog #9 Propert Value - Serene Yet CleanWhen it comes to using the right colors, consider shades of green and earthy tones along with cream hues for the walls. To grab the attention of more buyers, add trendy furniture and décor along with hints of colors like flourishing greens and calming blues that are very welcoming. Potted plants on window sills with deep green cushions or throws can also give off an inviting vibe. These interior design modifications are simple and not too expensive yet can make a significant impact on increasing property value.

Tile actually plays a big role when it comes to boosting property value with interior design. Try to experiment with Terracotta tiles. This tile so well with the earthy and green tones and is very popular at the moment. When adding terracotta to kitchens and outdoor areas, it can really add value to your home along with a rustic feel. Terracotta tile is a good investment because it is easy to clean and maintain. And since it is so durable, it is a great feature to emphasize to buyers.

Using popular materials like brass and marble in the kitchen and bathrooms is another interior design trend that will always boost property value. Marble gives off a polished look by adding a hint of luxury. It is smart to use brass in moderation and focus on using it on cooking appliances and faucets.

In fact, focusing on the kitchen and bathrooms add the most value to your property. Having appliances that blend well with concealed storage gives a clean look and organized feel. Another good investment is adding good quality custom made cabinets and furniture. This is something that attracts buyers and makes your property stand out.

If you’re looking to boost the value of your property, contact the Scottsdale interior designers today to see what interior design trends we can add to your home!