The Next Hot Colors for Your Home

Each year, when the holidays subside and the decorations are packed safely away in storage, your house can feel a little empty or lackluster when it comes to that snappy designer feeling that you once felt surrounded by.  One way to counter the post-holiday winter blues is by stepping into spring early. If you crave a fresh, exciting palette to highlight your existing furnishings, there’s nothing like an application of a new coat of paint. We aren’t talking about just any old color of paint though, we are talking the hip, new trendy colors forecast to hit runway clothes and accessories alike. There’s no better house-pick-me-up to spark your imagination than to introduce an exciting new color into your home.

Pantone, the knowledge power-house of color, declares a particular color the “Color of the Year” by hosting meetings with various representatives from several nations who meet for two days to listen to presentations and debate on what they should deem to be the hot new trend. The results of their votes are published for specialty audiences like fashion moguls, florists, and interior designers. Once the colors are announced they then make their way into numerous products including house-wares, make-up, and textiles.

For spring 2014, the new colors predicted to make a splash in your life are dusty rose, pale purple, a calming sky blue, sandstone, and a pastel version of royal blue. Several suggestions to incorporate these eye-catching colors are to paint an accent wall or small nook in your house to add depth or to paint the interior doors of your house to create continuity and visual stimulation. Another fun idea is to paint the ceiling one of these shades to contrast with your white walls to freshen your home’s design. Whatever you choose, be on the lookout for ways to enhance your existing design features and freshen up your already stellar home.