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Top 10 Travel Destinations for Design Lovers

It is finally time to start traveling again! Have you always wanted to go to a spot to feed your interior design passion? Well, we have the top 10 most luxurious destinations for design lovers to add to their travel bucket list.

  1. The Hamptons

You don’t even need to leave the USA to find a spot. The Hamptons is known for its modern and contemporary design, filled with beautiful beach homes decked out in nautical stripes galore. The architecture is interesting to say the least and the lighthouses in the area are elegant and worth the trip.

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  1. Paris

Of course Paris is on the list. Not only is it home to the Eiffel Tower, the city is full of quaint cafes, artisan bakeries, and plenty of history. It is paradise for every  art architect lover, especially since the design of every building seems to be fascinating and distinct.

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  1. Bangkok

Bangkok is home to gorgeous beaches and is actually an amazing place to shop. The Park Hyatt Bangkok has a stunning infinity pool overlooking the city’s diverse architect. Silk accents and sleek modern designs are popular across Bangkok, so you will experience nothing short of only the best interior design.

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  1. Tahiti

For the full tropical experience, visit Tahiti. This refreshing island  is where you will find those intriguing tiki huts overlooking the sparkling water surrounding the French Polynesian. It is the ultimate exotic vacation.

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  1. Phu Quoc

Another great spot for a beach getaway is Phu Quoc, located on the southwestern coast of Vietnam. It is home to stunning boutique hotels and gives off a French Colonial feel. If you are looking for a spot to visit to view some incredible art, Phu Quoc is the ideal spot.

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  1. Dubai

Dubai has creative art and design galleries all over. Plus, you will be able to visit fun buildings in all different types of geometric patterns. It also has the world’s tallest building and the largest picture frame in the world. For a peaceful getaway, check out Dubai and enjoy their famous art galleries, including the XVA Art Hotel.

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  1. Sydney

The architect in Sydney is out of this world and it is a must stop place for all design lovers. From funky offices to vintage stores, the city is rich in design. It also has plenty of creative and beautiful art throughout the city and is also home to the famous Opera House.

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  1. Berlin

Full of expensive and extravagant suits and hotels, Berlin is diverse with rich art museums and buildings to admire galore, like the Tchoban Foundation Museum for Architectural Design. Berlin also hosts the World Architect Festival, an amazing event for those passionate about architecture.

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  1. The Republic of Maldives

Located in southeast Asia, enjoy the country of Maldives on a luxurious private yacht or villa. The tropical getaway is complete with colorful coral reefs and bright blue lagoons. Take it a step further and stay in a villa that has a glass floor overlooking the Indian Ocean.

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  1. Miami

Another spot in the USA, Miami. The city is full of extravagant hotels and historic buildings. And yes, plenty of bright colors and fun. Take a trip back to the 1980s in style and luxury by visiting the lively city of Miami.

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